How to Cook Appetizing Ogbono and okro soup

Ogbono and okro soup. Please kindly comment because I love to hear from you, share because I am certain your friends will love to see this video and subscribe so that you are the. How to make Okro with Ogbono soup Very easy, healthy and nutritious okro soup.

Ogbono and okro soup When ground, ogbono is prepared as soup with other condiments and eaten with fufu or pounded yam. Just like ogbono soup and Ewedu soup, Okro soup has a viscous texture which makes it an acquired taste. Some people find Okro soup, Ogbono soup or jute leaves soup viscous or slimy and I totally relate. You can cook Ogbono and okro soup using 9 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Ogbono and okro soup

  1. It’s of Okro.
  2. Prepare of Ogbono.
  3. You need of Salt.
  4. Prepare of Palmoil.
  5. You need of Crayfish.
  6. You need of Pepper.
  7. It’s of Okpei.
  8. Prepare of Meat.
  9. Prepare of Smoked fish.

How to prepare ogbono and okro soup- Learning the basics. Ogbono are seeds found in the wild African bush mango plant common in Nigeria. These seeds are used mainly to make a sticky Ogbono soup which is sometimes referred to as draw soup. This soup is sometimes prepared with additional.

Ogbono and okro soup instructions

  1. Cut the okro.blend the ogbono and mix with small amount of water..
  2. Bleach palmoil and fry onion pour in the blended ogbono and stir as is frying.fry untill you can smell the ogbono very well..
  3. Pour in the boiled meat and the stock with more water and boil.please dont cover..
  4. After 7minutes add pepper,Crayfish,salt,okpei and cleaned smoked fish keep cooking and pour in the sliced okro..
  5. Cook small and finally put the uziza leaves..

Pounded Yam and Ogbono Soup – A tasty and hearty Nigerian soup made from Ogbono seeds (bush mango seeds) added with pre-cooked meat. And paired with smooth, tasty and filling Pounded Yam for an extraordinary African meal experience! but who owns okro, ogbono, egusi, white soup etc. Okra (Pronounced properly as Okwuru in Igbo) is an Igbo soup. The English word, 'okro' was derived from the Igbo Ogbono and Egusi are also Igbo native soups. The proper name for 'Egusi' is 'Egwusi' and that is the way the Igbo people pronounce it.

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