Recipe: Delicious Oha soup

Oha soup. Oha soup is one of Nigeria's most delicious soup. Learn how to prepare ora soup the exact way an Igbo woman would like to do it, then a lot about other Nigerian foods. Oha soup is all I've been craving lately and I really wanted to share my recipe with you.

Oha soup And the best oha soup is made from fresh oha leaves. Because of the above, the only One soup I think can be made with the dry oha leaves is Ofe Onu mmuo. It is prepared with Egusi ( melon seeds). You can have Oha soup using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Oha soup

  1. It’s of cocoyam.
  2. You need leaf of Oha.
  3. Prepare of Ogiri.
  4. It’s leaf of Uziza.
  5. You need of Stockfish,dryfish smokefish,crayfish.
  6. It’s of Cow meat.
  7. You need of Maggi,salt,pepper.
  8. You need of Red oil.

If you've gotten your hands on fresh oha leaves, make a pot of oha soup. This Nigerian specialty is thickened with cocoyam paste and seasoned with smoked fish, dried shrimp, and your favorite meats. See great recipes for Oha Soup Recipe, Wheat swallow with oha soup too! Oha soup(a.ka;Ora/Uha soup or Ofe Oha/uha/ Ora) is a delicious Soup recipe from the eastern part of Nigeria.

Oha soup step by step

  1. Wash your meat and stockfish then add your maggi and salt to your taste and boil it,till its done. Pieces your dry and smoke fish and set aside.
  2. Boil your cocoyam and when its done you pound it or you can use the dry cocoyam they sell now..
  3. Pieces your oha leaf with your hand after that you wash it. Cut the Uziza leaf and was also. Pound your pepper and crayfish.
  4. When your meat is done add red oil,ogiri pepper and crayfish then you add your cocoyam and allow it to cook for some minute then you add your oha and uziza leaf, you can add another maggi if you want,allow it to cook well then you add ur dry and smoke fish,turn it then allow it to cook for a while and bring it down..
  5. Serve with fufu,garri or semo even wheat. Your lunch is ready..

It is one of those native Igbo soups that you taste and just can't forget. Oha soup is a traditional soup similar to the bitter leaf soup but cooked with oha leaves. Oha leaves is used in preparing oha soup, it is called ora leaves in some areas in the Eastern part of Nigeria like in. Oha Soup, popularly referred to as Ofe Oha by the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria is an absolutely delicious traditional soup recipe. Oha soup isn't exactly a go-to kind of soup because the main.

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