When To Switch From Kitten To Cat Food Reddit

After that they are put on adult food and maintain their weight and growth as normal. When should i switch from kitten food to adult cat food?

First time the dilute calico stray cat took food from my

“if wet cat food is left out for too long it may cause a stomach upset for your cat due to bacterial growth, and it also won’t be very appetizing once it has been left to dry up,” says garner.

When to switch from kitten to cat food reddit. They are also usually very active. Just about 3 weeks ago, my kitten, that used to be slightly younger than 3 months old, escaped my house once because she heard a stray cat nearby meowing. Unless your kitten is getting fat feed her as much as she wants to eat.

Unless of course it's a really tiny one that needs formula? If you think your kitty has been eating a lot of unhealthy food, or if he suffers from any health condition that calls for a special diet, you should make the switch slowly. At least until further studies are made and clarification is reached.

I switch mine over to adult food when they start getting chubby on kitten food. Those always agreed with my cats when they were little. Almo nature, weruva, cat in the kitchen, snappy tom, pride and fancy feast ( i have to rotate because she doesn't like to.

12 months is the earliest you should switch. In which case you can get it at an emergency vet that's open 24 hours. This diet contains all the extra vitamins and minerals to support a healthy coat and supplements to help with heart and joint issues.

Jack (5 months old) is eating the same adult food as the rest now. My kitten went down a car where the other cat was and stared at it while holding a hostile position like when it finds a prey (heads down and hips up). Depending on the cat, that seems to be somewhere between 8 and 14 months.

This one you can feed to kittens all the way into their adult's life and don't have to switch over from kitten food to adult food when they turn adults. But in the long run, it’s the best option to support your cat’s. At 8 months old (assume neutered/spayed too) you can feed the kitten adult foods now.

I feed skye (my kitty) wet: The best way to tell if she is fat is to look up 'condition scoring'. Best is to feed wet food meant for kittens as all the nutrients the kitten need is in there.

Never had a problem with growth, health or weight doing so. Give kitty a minimum amount to keep her happy till you can get kitty food, won't hurt her. I was aiming to feed her better quality food than it.

Bartges says, also noting that it can take up to weeks or months for the cat to accept the new food when a disease, such as chronic kidney disease, is present. “in general, transitioning over [several] days should be done to ensure the cat accepts the new food,” dr. In general, kittens reach this milestone at about 10 to 12 months of age.

We don't have much proper wet food in our country (india)'s markets. They both need different food. I know this breed of cat has a different growth pattern than regular cats, so i was wondering if there is a different timeline to when you switch them to adult food?

I go a couple of times a week before work and give them packets of cat food with added water and biscuits, and it turns out there's 7. Adult cat food does not have the same nutrients and can not properly support a growing kitten. It’s not only about the calories, it’s about providing sufficient nutrients for your kitten to grow.

Hello, i feed my fur friend grain free wet and dry food. If you’re ever unsure about exactly. The kitten def needs kitten food for at least a year

Contains farm raised chicken and brown rice. The switch to wet food might be a challenge, especially if your cat has eaten kibble since he was a kitten. It's fine, it just might have excess nutrients that could cause a bit of diarrhea.

Some quite young, not neutered etc they've started to recognise me and will cautiously come for food. After opening a can, dr. Switch to a high meat content kitten food.

Larger breed cats, like the maine coon, don’t usually reach their adult weight until they are about 18 months to 2 years old, so should be kept on a kitten food diet for longer than normal. This is a great brand of cat food to feed older senior cat’s who are having a hard time maintaining their weight. Our veterinarian wants me to switch the dry food from grain free to not grain free.

When you start feeding your cat hound & gatos food, you should mix their current food with the new food until he adjusts to the change. Like natures variety kitten canned or merrick canned foods. Some quite young, not neutered etc they've started to recognise me and will cautiously come for food.

Usually it's around 6 months but at the rate she's growing and burning off the calories i'm not sure if thats correct. I go a couple of times a week before work and give them packets of cat food with added water and biscuits, and it turns out there's 7. My 3 years old siamese cat is on royal canin diet right now.

My kitten followed another cat. This food is being tastefully prepared to provide your growing fur baby with enough nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Or even higher quality canned all life stages will work as well.

I'm not sure how many brands have this but you can also get wet food labeled 'for all life stages'.

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