Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Candied bacon crackers

Candied bacon crackers. Thrill your guests with the salty-sweet magic of candied bacon. Get the Candied Bacon Cracker Appetizer FULL printable recipe. Candied Bacon Crackers – The Midnight Baker.

Candied bacon crackers America's Favorite Food: Bacon I know-you stopped at "bacon." Bacon Crackers. Arrange the crackers in a single layer on a large baking sheet. They're basically crackers with candied bacon on top, plus a little pepper to make sure you really get hooked. You can cook Candied bacon crackers using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Candied bacon crackers

  1. It’s 6 slices of bacon.
  2. Prepare 24 of saltine crackers.
  3. It’s 12 Tablespoons of butter.
  4. You need 1/2 cup of plus 2 Tablespoons light brown sugar.
  5. It’s 1/2 Teaspoon of coarse sea salt.

Some recipes for bacon crackers have you wrap the whole cracker in bacon. Candied Bacon Cracker AppetizerFamily Fresh Meals. Arrange crackers on baking sheet and sprinkle with Parmesan. Tightly wrap each cracker with bacon and place seam-side down, then top.

Candied bacon crackers step by step

  1. Chop the bacon and cook in skillet until crispy. Drain well and set aside..
  2. Line rimmed cookie sheet with foil and lightly spray with non-stick spray. Lay one solid layer of crackers on the cookie sheet..
  3. Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add light brown sugar and boil for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally..
  4. Pour evenly over the layer of crackers and bake at 400 degrees for 5 minutes..
  5. Remove crackers from oven and sprinkle with bacon and coarse sea salt..
  6. Allow crackers sheet to cool for 1 hour and break into individual crackers..

Making candied bacon is one of those a-ha moments—why didn't I ever do this before? The magic happens in the oven and only takes half an hour. Eat it as is, crumble it over salad. Bacon crackers are pretty much what they sound like: crackers served with bacon on top of them. They're stupidly simple to make, but uncommon and inventive enough to get people hooked.

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