Recipe: Yummy Chocolate Golgappa with Paan Shots

Chocolate Golgappa with Paan Shots. Sieve the paan milk with a strainer for a smooth texture. Make sure the chocolate is not hot when dipping the golgappa's else they will turn soft. Can use dark, milk or white chocolate to coat the golgappa.

Chocolate Golgappa with Paan Shots This unique. #DelightedLifestyle #chocolate, #golgappa, #panipuri #streetfood This is my first video on cooking. Fill the chocolate pani puris with the chopped nuts. Pour the blended ice cream in the shot glasses and add a bit of chopped chocolate, leaving enough room for the pani puris to sit on top without getting wet. • Heat a kadai add fresh cream, mash kalakand, and cook until the kalakand melts. • Remove it in a bowl, add white chocolate and mix until the chocolate is completely melted. • Add whipped cream. You can cook Chocolate Golgappa with Paan Shots using 5 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Chocolate Golgappa with Paan Shots

  1. It’s 100 gm of dark chocolate.
  2. Prepare 4 of golgappa.
  3. Prepare of Milk.
  4. It’s of Paan patta.
  5. It’s as needed of gulkand.

We work hard to produce exceptionally new recipes such as the Seven Panipuri Shots, Chocolate Golgappa and strive to create more. If you'd like to join us spread an indian street food franchise. Paan or Betel is such a common and much adored after dinner mouth freshener and digestif in India. This is an original recipe created by me please do not copy and recreate the same try to be original.

Chocolate Golgappa with Paan Shots instructions

  1. Make paan shake by adding gulkand,paan patta and milk and serve with chocolate coated golgappa.
  2. Melt choclte and coat golgappa in it..

Chocolate Golgappa Blog Recipe Link: Hello everyone, I'm Aarti Madan and you're welcome to my channel You'd have eaten Golgappa or Pani Puri that are spicy and tangy. But today, we're going to give it a twist and make it a dessert We'll coat the Golgappas with chocolate, the fillings will be sweet, and the pani will a refreshing paan milk Let's get started with the recipe We'll need paan (betel) leaves, paan masal, milk, ice. Paan shots puchkas Pani Puri, Puchka, Golgappe and so many other names. A mouthwatering street snack of India.

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