Recipe: Yummy Air fried bacon

Air fried bacon. Did you know that air fryer bacon is a thing? I will show you exactly how to cook bacon in the air And if you are a big bacon eater, I think cooking bacon alone would justify an air fryer purchase.😎. To air fry bacon, spray the bacon and the cooking basket with a thin coat of cooking oil, then place the bacon in the basket in a single layer.

Air fried bacon Air fried bacon is going to be your new favorite way to cook bacon. You'll soon be free of grease splatters, and will have a belly full of crispy bacon instead. ★ Did you make this recipe? Making Crispy Air Fried Bacon in the air fryer is a game changer for so many reasons. You can have Air fried bacon using 1 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Air fried bacon

  1. You need 1 package of favorite bacon.

First of all, the bacon comes out crispy and fantastic! You can customize the texture if your bacon by lowering the. Best Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs Recipe. Oh boy, these are so good and a game changer!

Air fried bacon step by step

  1. Pre heat air fryer 400 cook time about 15- 20 mins depending on how you like bacon..
  2. Add bacon (pics- first one is Turkey bacon, 2nd one is bacon…) fill tray just like picture, no need to cut if they fit).
  3. After 3-5 mins of cooking, take tongs and separate each piece. They can be on top of each other….
  4. Continue to check on them and move them around, until it how you like it cooked…..
  5. Note- I prefer to use a whole pack of bacon, Be time I decided to do a recipe on this, I was on my 2nd around of bacon..

Air fried bacon and hot dogs are such a great combination together. Air Frying Bacon (Ninja Foodi) – Recipes That Crock! This is a low carb Keto friendly recipe. – recipes for an air fryer air fryer recipes cooking. Once you've air-fried the usual suspects like chicken and frozen fries, you may be in search of another way for the countertop convection oven to earn its keep. If that's the case, say hello to air fryer bacon.

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