Recipe: Yummy Fresh Fish and Sea foods Native Soup

Fresh Fish and Sea foods Native Soup. River state native soup is one of my favorite Nigerian soup, it happens to be my favorite native During this time, I tasted almost every indigenous food and also learned to make quite a number of Soak the stockfish and dry fish with boiled water and wash thoroughly to remove sand and center bone. The recipe requires fresh sea products to achieve a unique taste of the dish from the riverine region. Rivers native soup recipe came to us from Niger Delta Area of Rivers state.

Fresh Fish and Sea foods Native Soup Bouillabaisse — a Provencal dish, especially in the port of Marseilles. Rivers Native Soup is a gift from the Niger Delta Areas of Southern Nigeria. It is prepared with fresh fisherman ingredients. You can cook Fresh Fish and Sea foods Native Soup using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Fresh Fish and Sea foods Native Soup

  1. Prepare of Fresh Croaker Fish, Fresh shrimps, Fresh Isam (periwinkle),.
  2. It’s of Fresh water snail, Fresh ngolo, Fresh oyster, red cocoayam,.
  3. It’s of Bitterleaf, Fresh Pepper, salt, know cubes, seasoning,.
  4. You need of Ginger, garlic, onions, red oil.

I used gilt-head sea bream fish. Fresh catfish should be your first choice of fresh fish is you can buy it where you You can also blend with a power blender or food processor. Try these Chinese fish soup recipes and reap the health benefits of pairing them with Chinese herbs and other ingredients. Fish is one of the healthiest meat in the modern diet, from a nutritious point of view.

Fresh Fish and Sea foods Native Soup step by step

  1. 1. Clean, wash the fish properly. 2. Place in a pot, add fresh pepper, onions, salt, know cubes, ginger, garlic, seasoning and steam properly. Keep aside. 3. Peel the cocoayam, chop to bits and blend till smooth. 4. Pound and wash the bitterleaf to remove the excess bitterness. 5. Add the red oil in a dry pot and place on the heat, pour the cocoayam and add a little hot water. Allow to boil. 6. Add the steamed fish, sea foods, pepper, seasoning, salt to taste and bitterleaf..
  2. 7.Allow to boil on a low heat. 8. Boil water and bake the cassava flour (garri or eba as locally called). 9. Serve with the delicious well prepared native soup..

It is a good source of protein minus the saturated fat. Find healthy, delicious fish and seafood soup recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. According to legend, this seafood soup originated in San Francisco, the creation of Italian-immigrant The aromatic mint provides fresh and complex flavor. Fish Soup Sea Bass Hummus Noodles Fresh Street Ethnic Recipes Food Macaroni Pasta. This hearty fish soup is packed with flavor.

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